Business plan co-operative societies in kenya

He further argued that since saccos have continued to grow and increase in number sinceSasra could still collect more money from the existing 0. Again, if you have problems or need assistance, the Malta Co-operative Federation can help you out. Implementors of policies in the sector will get a chance to hear the industry voice on what works and what does not from the participants.

The last page of the constitution must be signed by all the founder members of the co-operative. Another way is matching investment maturities. Liquidity — plans on liquidity management in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Good organizational and time management skills. It is compulsory to appoint an auditor upon registration of a co-operative unless an exemption has been obtained.

It also marks a complete turnaround for what was once a loss making institution. We seek to further deepen our relations by getting a highly motivated and results-oriented individual who has a passion for the Co-operative movement in Kenya.

This, he said, would speed up the revival of affected societies. Download the constitution and complete all the blank spaces. The Malta Co-operative Federation will provide you with the professional assistance you need to prepare for the setting up of a new co-operative society, including help with fund management and applying for start-up grants available.

We are an equal opportunity employer. Njoroge is also the Managing Director of smart works Traders Company dealing with detergents chemicals in Gatundu town,in addition to being the secretary to original youth pioneers group based at kimunyu location Gatundu District.

Jumuia Hotel, Kisumu Theme: It is important that your new co-operative starts operations in the right way. Executive committee He learnt about many profitable enterprises and technologies during agricultural trainings by agriculture extension officers, among which he started implementing installation of energy saving stoves services, manufacture of liquid detergents and making of fireless cookers for sale.

The revolving fund group held its first meeting in June and latter registered as Gatundu young traders saving and credit co-operative society.

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This includes but not limited to: According to the lawyer, Saccos also contribute to the exchequer through licence fees and taxes to both national and county governments, making the new tax plan unjustifiable. By not competitively rewarding savings, we are linking such costs as hidden costs to the lending service.

A co-operative society is an association of persons who have come together with a common purpose of pooling their resources together for mutual economic and social benefit. Broaden the consumption base of the Bank products by the Agrico-ops by creating awareness of the existing products and sell the same to Co-operatives.

The above two protections are vital importance if we are going to attract sufficient savings to play an important part in economic life of our members and the nation at large. The union argued that saccos would have to pass the burden to members if the new levy was enforced, making erstwhile affordable loans more expensive.

The above two protections are vital importance if we are going to attract sufficient savings to play an important part in economic life of our members and the nation at large.

Cooperative Societies in Kenya – Cooperative Movement in Kenya

Who should apply for license. You can download a sample statute here. The members will demand protections for the value of their savings. CR5 Form CR5 is the form used to apply for a co-operative name. This tradition while very useful seems not to have significantly improved the financial literacy of members to review the financial statements.

Scope and nature of business operations; 3.

Companies and Intellectual Property Commission

A constitution must be submitted as part of the application. Spearhead business growth by focusing a team of relationship managers on the sales force excellency model. Ensure collaboration and support to branches, product houses and other departments within the Bank.

We provide experienced, professional people and co-operators to give you advice to start your new co-operative the right way. Co-operative Bank of Kenya Head Agri Co-operatives As a customer-centric financial institution, we draw a rich heritage in the agricultural sector where we have been able to impact lives through partnerships with various co-operative societies.

Review and recommend appropriate amendments to the credit policy relating to agriculture cooperatives and agribusiness entities. This presentation will review the financial reporting cycle together with applicable financial reporting standards asking the question as to whether Cooperatives have invested in and retained the right caliber of staff for financial reporting.

create a more conducive policy framework for effective and efficient performance of coffee marketing co-operative societies in Kenya.

The study will also be significant to the researcher to fulfill the requirements for the partial award of a degree in business administration, entrepreneurship option of the Kenya Methodist University.

II. Stima investment is an investment company registered under the co-operative act whose main mandate is to carry out investment activities using member’s funds. Some of our business.

DEPARTMENT OF CO-OPERATIVES & FRIENDLY SOCIETIES BUSINESS PLAN For Groups seeking Registration under the Co-operative Societies Act ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE COMPLETED 1. Name of Society 2.

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Name of Contact Person Address of Contact Person Telephone No. of Contact Person 3. State product(s) or service(s) to be offered 4. A Sacco society intending to transact the deposit-taking business in Kenya shall, before commencing such business, apply in writing, to the Authority for a licence.

7 An application for a license shall be accompanied by— (a) a copy of the certificate of registration and the by-laws of the Sacco society; 7 Supra Note 3 Section 24 Stanley Kinyanjui [email protected] Savings and Cooperative. development of agricultural cooperatives, high fragmentation of land holdings, and weak linkages among the activities of the cooperatives e.g., production, credit, marketing etc.

their business operations also in line with the changing food habits of the people. It is the largest retail cooperative in Japan and, with over million members, is one of the largest cooperatives in the world.

Philippines [ edit ] Lighthouse Cooperative, a multi-purpose cooperative in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Philippines established in

Business plan co-operative societies in kenya
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